Screed Fix for in-screed heating cables

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Screed Fix for in-screed heating cables

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  • For simple fixing of In-Screed Cables to hold them in place while the screed is poured on
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Screed Fix for in-screed heating cables

Screed Fix fixing strip for in-screed heating cables. Zinc plated steel strip with fixing tabs at 3.5 cm pitches. Supplied in 1 x 10 m rolls. Easily cut to length.

Screed Fix

Use 1/2 wide Vysa-Bond Mi-T extra strong self adhesive tape to bond Screed Fix to the concrete floor surface. Alternatively, use Vysa-Bond SAT self adhesive ‘Gaffer’ tape or Vysa-Bond LTM4 rapid setting PU adhesive if preferred. Historically, Screed Fix fixing strip has been fixed using nails but this practice is now frowned upon as services are increasingly buried in the concrete floor.

Screed Fix fixing strip is generally installed and the heating cable secured under the fixing tabs to hold it securely in position when the floor screed is poured. The fixing centres that can be achieved at 3.5 cm pitch are: 3.5 cm, 7 cm, 10.5 cm, 14 cm, 17.5 cm etc.

However, you should not use 3.5 cm and 7 cm pitches as the heating effect will be too great.

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