LiquiSave Heating Elements


LiquiSave Heating Elements

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  • A range of four sizes of heating elements for use on glass, metal and plastic containers to prevent liquids from freezing
  • The special film fits around the container and can be switched on for periods of cold weather as required
  • Low wattage ensures minimal running costs


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LiquiSave Heating Elements

Designed specifically for use in workshops, outbuildings etc. which can experience low temperatures during periods of unoccupation such as night-time, weekends etc. The elements can be used with most non-flammable materials such as metal, glass and most plastics containing liquids such as adhesives, paints, drinking water for livestock etc.

LiquiSave Heating Elements

Easily fitted, the element is wrapped around the container and stretched tight and fixed in place with one or two cable ties supplied. Further stocks of ties can be ordered as required. The element has a 2m mains cable with a 13amp plug which can be plugged in and activated when low temperatures are forecast. The elements will stop the contents freezing down to temperatures as low as -6oc which means they are ready to use without having to thaw the contents.

A plug-in thermostat (to fit a 13amp socket) is available (order code 9132) for peace of mind. Simply plug it in, set the temperature and your liquids will be protected at all times.

LiquiSave Heating Elements Thermostat

Operating for limited periods as required with low wattages, the elements are very cost effective to run, and treated with care will last for years.

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Order Code Dimensions Heating Load (w)
9115 cable tie 1.2m
9116 868 x 150mm 23
9117 1188 x 150mm 32
9118 868 x 274mm 46
9119 1188 x 274mm 64
9132 plug in thermostat
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