Decorshave Shaver Sockets


Decorshave Shaver Sockets

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  • The elegant solution to providing electric shaving facilities in bathrooms and elsewhere
  • Available in White, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Black or Gold finishes.  The Gold is ‘gold’ plated, not brass and matches gold bathroom accessories
  • New ‘Open’ model without the sprung flap for use within cabinets or in rooms other than bathrooms
  • Use in conjunction with the Decorshave transformer which can be fitted remotely from the socket for bathroom use
  • The socket is small and unobtrusive (60mm x 60mm) and hidden by the spring hinged flap
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Decorshave Shaver Sockets

Decorshave is a small unobtrusive shaver socket with a hinged decorative cover available in white, black, polished or satin chrome or real gold plated finish. The Decorshave shaver sockets are much appreciated by interior designers and those looking for something more stylish than the other options available. They are far more aesthetic than the ubiquitous bathroom shaver socket that fts into a 2 gang wall box.


The discreet Decorshave socket is conveniently mounted adjacent to the mirror on the pillar. Photo courtesy of Ashford Homes

The discreet Decorshave socket is conveniently mounted adjacent to the mirror on the pillar. Photo courtesy of Ashford Homes

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The finish on the Decorshave is real chrome or gold plated so must be cleaned with care using a soft dry cloth to avoid scratching the plated surface.

An option of a black or white mounting box is available where surface mounting is preferred.

The Decorshave socket component comes pre-wired with a 1.5m connection lead and 2-pin male plug for easy installation to the separate Decorshave transformer for bathroom use. If the Decorshave is to be fitted in a bedroom or anywhere other than a bathroom, then you do not require to purchase or fit the transformer.09-1151-25-09 The Decorshave range provide 240V output for use with electric razors and rechargeable toothbrushes. Note, for bathroom use, the transformer requires to be ordered in addition to the socket.

Decorshave Shaver Sockets

Decorshave Shaver Sockets Transformer

Decorshave Open (shown on the right) is a new option without the protective flap being a polished chrome body with white inset for use within cabinets or in rooms other than the bathroom. Apart from the flap, it is identical in make-up and use to the other Decorshave models.

The Decorshave transformer comprises an electronic 20VA isolating transformer with overload and short circuit protection via a thermal overload.

It switches back on automatically after a short delay once the fault is removed.

The Decorshave transformer comes pre-wired complete with a 3m connection lead (bare wires) on the primary side and a 100mm lead with 2-pin female socket to receive the male plug on the Decorshave socket lead. You can mount the transformer remotely from the Decorshave shaver socket as no access is needed to it. This can be behind tiles or in a cupboard etc. You can extend the lead length as required.


Decorshave Shaver Sockets

Modern design

IP 44 rated (protected against spraying water)

Suitable for bathroom use – zone 2

Double insulated – no earthing

Shaver socket output 240V : 20VA

Isolating transformer 240V:240V

Electronic transformer – no buzzing

Suitable for shavers

Suitable for electric toothbrushes

Decorshave Cover dimensions 60 x 60mm

Fixing centres 43 x 43mm

Fixing screws included

Decorshave Transformer dimensions 100 x 60.5 x 30 mm (L x W x H)

CE Marked – conforms to BSEN 60742 and all EC Directives

Complies with requirements of IEE Wiring Regulations – 17th Edition

Order Code Product Description
1010 White
1009 Gold
1008 Polished Chrome
1366 Black
1011 Polished Chrome – without flap – open
1367 Satin Chrome
1013 Transformer
1012 Surface mounting box – white
1014 Surface mounting box – Black
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