12V Weatherproof Bulkhead Luminaires


12V Weatherproof Bulkhead Luminaires

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  • 3 models, all adapted specifically for use on 12V systems
  • Ideal for use with solar panels or just with a 12V battery for temporary lighting facilities
  • IP65 for outdoor use as well as indoors
  • Vandal-resistant polycarbonate construction
  • Supplied complete with ES/E27 lampholder for use with 12V compact fluorescent or LED lamps (see details for wattages) – lamp not included
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12V Weatherproof Bulkhead Luminaires

We have bulkhead luminaires designed specifically for a 12V CFL or LED lampwith E27 cap. They are intended to be used on a 12V DC power supply and must not be used on 240V mains supply applications.

Please note that the lamp is NOT included but available separately.

These luminaires are intended for use with 12V solar lighting systems and 12V battery lighting systems.

Typical applications within domestic home situations include garages, sheds, garden lighting, alleyways, driveways and yards. Other applications include stables, farm buildings, building sites, sports pavilions, beach huts, market stalls etc.

The luminaire has an E27 lampholder with red / black connection wires to the terminal block as required for non-mains applications. The red wire is connected to the centre contact of the lampholder and the black wire to the outer shell to ensure the correct polarity for the inverter built into the 7W, 11W or 15W CFL 12V or 2.8W or 7W LED 12V  lamp.

Colour: BLACK with prismatic or opal Lens

Injection moulded engineering polymer

Ingress protection: IP 65 – weatherproof

Shock protection: Class III – 12V SELV

8696 Bulkhead Luminaire for 7W 12V CFL lamps or 2.8W or 7W 12V LED lamps

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 275 x 150 x 105 mm

8727 Bulkhead Luminaire for 7W or 11W 12V CFL lamps or 2.8W or 7W 12V LED lamps

Model 8727

Model 8727

Dimensions (L x W x H) : 240 x 120 x 115 mm

8755 Bulkhead Luminaire for 7W, 11W or 15W CFL 12V lamp or 2.8W or 7W LED lamps

Model 8755

Model 8755

Dimensions (L x W x H) 330 x 177 x 100 mm

Order Code Product Description Max W CF Lamp
8696 Black/opal oval 7W
8727 Black/Crystal Rectangular 11W
8755 Black/opal Rectangular 15W
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